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Retaining Wall Construction on Burnaby Mountain

Retaining Wall Construction on Burnaby Mountain

Back in November 2023, there was a need for a small retaining wall for a property on Burnaby Mountain. The home has a small backyard and backs onto a hillside. A portion of the hillside required stabilization due to potential erosion and instability concerns. Given the limited space for excavation and the need to minimize disturbance to the surrounding environment, the project presented a unique challenge that demanded a specialized approach.

The project team collaborated closely with a geotechnical engineer and the Greystone Design Management Construction Team to address these challenges. The solution involved using Ankora Facia Boards in conjunction with H beams, resulting in a sleek and functional retaining wall, that effectively stabilized the hillside while adhering to the site’s constraints.


If you are an Engineer, Installer, Developer or Producer interested in learning more about the Ankora Retaining Wall System or would like to work with Ankora on your next project, please feel free to call or email our team.

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